Anna Lopopolo. Patti

Patti Smith – Just Kids

PATTI SMITH. Just Kids. acrylic on canvas. Black and White. Painted by Patti Smith’s words. PATTI SMITH. Just Kids. acrilico su tela. Bianco e nero. Dipinto con le parole del libro “Just Kids” di Patti Smith “Patti, nobody see as we do” he told me. So my last image was as the first. A sleeping […]

Anna Lopopolo. Sussurrandom

Interview with Anna Lopopolo

  Sussurandum meets Anna Lopopolo. Meeting with Emanuele Mandelli (Sussurandum) and Anna Lopopolo in her atelier. Facts about Anna’s world and her peculiar way to paint. Anna tells her artistic journey, her obsession for sexual ambiguity and her passion for stars. She relates about the falling in love with the book “Just Kids” by Patti […]

Anna Lopopolo. Prigioniero volante

Prigioniero volante

  IL PRIGIONIERO VOLANTE.acrylic on canvas. Painted by my words on Panic in B&W and phrases of freedom in the colored part. 80 X 80 cm   IL PRIGIONIERO VOLANTE. acrilico su tela. Dipinto con parole in bianco e nero sul Panico e frasi colorate sulla Libertà.  80 X 80 cm

Anna Lopopolo. Austrungarte

Austrungarte 2014

AUSTRUNGARTE,  13/14 semptember 2014. Artistic and cultural display organized by the Artisti & Associati group, at the Mercato Austrungarico of Crema. AUSTRUNGARTE,13 e 14 settembre 2014. manifestazione artistica-culturale organizzata dall’associazione: Artisti & Associati presso il Mercato Austrungarico di Crema.     CREMAONLINE ARTICOLO A&A      

Annalisa Lopopolo. Robert Mapplethorpe2 .

Robert Mapplethorpe

  ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE. acrylic on canvas. Black & White. Painted by the words of “the Coral Sea” Patti Smith. 200 X 200 cm “The first time I saw Robert he was sleeping. I stood over him, this boy of twenty, who sensing my presence opened his eyes and smiled. With few words he became my friend, […]